Architectural   Services

Our enjoyment and well being are directly affected by the environment we live in. We combine form, function, light and space to bring together uplifting places to live, work, play and relax.

Making the most of light and space in the home is the key to a real transformation. We design your ideal space with these principles in mind and always look to maximise our clients’ enjoyment of the space newly created.

From glass walls to sliding and folding doors, bespoke windows, roof and skylights. Lighting small spaces with ‘lightboxes’ or sun tubes and lighting design for both interior and exterior spaces, we mix and match different elements to illuminate your dream home and garden.

As a design and build company we provide all the statutory undertakings in line with the creation and alteration of new buildings. Planning applications, Building regulations approval, structural design and calculations, cost advice and project management all under one roof with one single point of contact, it just makes building work so much easier for everyone involved!


Directly connected to the overall design is the design of your interior. We work with every client to develop your ideas and implement your style. Thinking about design at the outset allows us to plan well in advance for the little things like ‘will the wardrobe fit here’ or the often heard ‘I wish we’d put a socket there’ scenario.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with such a huge array of ideas and options available. Our designers can help with colour schemes, furnishing and creating the look you really want.


The exterior of your property is as important as the interior, the transition between the interior feel and the outside spaces need to be considered as part of the whole. We can create elegant designs which can either separate or link together inside and outside spaces.

Some of the features we employ to create beautiful garden redesigns include; paving and planting, new lawns and water features, exterior lighting and garden furniture as well as alterations to external elevations such as re-painting, rendering, re-pointing and cleaning masonry, not to mention, cladding, fencing and decking.


We are here to answer your questions and give  personalised recommendations to make your home improvement project a total success.