Initial site meeting

We arrange with you to view the building or site as it exists today and talk about your ideas, requirements, and desires, We’ll discuss the budget and any other salient points before taking a few basic measurements so we can send you a more detailed proposal.

Receive proposal

The proposal will include all the details of what we can do for you and what it will all cost. It sets out details such as planning and building regulations application costs as well as expected durations, additional consultants that may be required and their fees, and finally an approximate build cost.

Design stage

At this point we commence with the initial design work. We complete a measured survey and produce existing floor plans and elevations based on that information. We confirm the brief and identify your loves and hates as well as any must-haves for the project. We then produce new designs for your approval.


Once you’re happy with the design of the proposed building, we prepare planning drawings and documentation that will be submitted to your local authority for approval. This takes a minimum of 8 weeks and during this time we liaise with the LA and if required provide information in support of your application from other specialists such as bat surveys or tree surveys among others.

Detailed design

Once planning is approved we move to the preparation of the drawings for the building regulations submission. These include all the technical details and methods of construction, materials, and calculations to prove the thermal efficiency and structural integrity for example. Schedules detailing the materials and fittings and fixtures can be produced. At this stage, we can really start to improve the cost information and increase the accuracy of the actual construction cost quotation. We also involve interior designers at this point of the project and commission any third parties such as landscape and furniture designers too.

Pre-start on-site period

This mobilisation period allows us to produce all relevant health and safety documentation, finalise collaboration with any third parties or subcontractors, produce a program of works, and pre-order any bespoke items.

Start on site

Building work starts and we can provide a full project management service from start to finish, progress meetings are held to suit clients personal time constraints and ongoing documentation is provided such as variation orders for changes in the work or costs. Quality control and collaboration with clients is ongoing throughout the entire project until completion is reached and handover takes place.


We will provide you with all the necessary documentation, copies of plans and warranties, instruction manuals, registrations for appliances and other documents that are legally required such as electrical testing or benchmark certificates.

Post completion

We’re not done yet! We have a six months’ defects liability period. During this period, minor issues if discovered are reported to us. After this period has elapsed, we return to the construction site to rectify any defects discovered. Many of our clients like to commission us to undertake further projects such as exterior landscaping and planting or providing artwork or sculptures for the home or garden. Get in touch now to unearth your home's true potential. Give us a call at 0118 380 1880 or fill out the contact form on our website to get a free estimate.

We are here to answer your questions and give  personalised recommendations to make your home improvement project a total success.